Ska, Rock, Awesomeness.

2002 – 2007

Once upon a time, back when MySpace was still a thing, four teenagers in Canberra, Australia started a band.  It was difficult to describe the band’s genre with elements of ska, rock, reggae, dub, and hip hop.  It was also difficult to pronounce the band’s name.

  • Sam King – Guitar
  • Rafe Morris – vocalsdahahoo-26
  • Patch Kennedy – Bass
  • Toby King – Drums

Later joined by the Dahahorns

  • Valdis Thomman – Trombone
  • Nick Combe – Saxaphone
  • Reuben Lewis – Trumpet
  • Emma Kelly – Violin

I’m not going to write too much about Dahahoo, but to say this:  I will never have as much fun on a stage as I did with this band. I wasn’t a great singer, but think I made up for it by jumping around like a monkey.  Have a listen, you’ll see why.