Dixie jazz – the kind of music your great-grandparents used to make love to

2012 – 2016

Brought together by a mutual love for old-timey jazz and jumping around on stage, Moochers Inc. quickly developed a large fan-base and a reputation for making the most out of a bar tab.  The band grew to become ok. And charmingly self-deprecating.
  • Cameron Smith – Trumpet, vocals
  • Rafe Morris – Guitar, vocals
  • John Gosling / Patrick Langdon – Trombone
  • Thomas Manley – Clarinet
  • David Abkiewicz – Sousaphone
  • Mark Levers – Drums


I hope that some sort of subsidiary of the band lives on in some form or another.  Probable best to check Facebook: Facebook.com/moochersinc


This is what we
sounded like

Standing in front
of a House


An Obituary

Moochers Inc. 2012 – 2016

The death of Canberra’s most-tolerated jazz band, Moochers Inc.

Friday 22 January 2016 at the Polish Club will be your last chance to see Moochers Inc perform. We hope you can join us in throwing dirt into the grave.

The past four years have seen the band perform at festivals, weddings, wakes, pubs and clubs, and people kept showing up.

From what can be remembered through hazy, beer-fogged memories, the band members of Moochers Inc enjoyed themselves immensely. Some remember them as a fun band playing fun old-timey jazz to fun people in fun festivals in random parts of Australia. Sounds kinda fun if you’re into that thing.

Others remember the band for its lax attitude towards soundchecks, set times, and set lists, and a general disregard for professionalism, promotion, and sobriety. But though the band rarely (never) rehearsed, and though they often failed to bring their own merchandise to gigs, they did excel in making the most of the bar tab; and it is in that vein that their final toot will be celebrated.

Moochers Inc have also recently recorded a bunch of songs and this will also act as a launch type of thing.

Also performing:

Rafe Morris who, three days later, will be leaving the country indefinitely. He’s moving to New York. God knows why – as if you’d ever leave Canberra. What an idiot. He’ll be playing a bunch of his solo stuff and probably inviting a few friends on stage to help him along. This will be a bit of a farewell party for Rafe.

The Gypsy Jazz project who are a bunch of kick-arse manouche jazz players smashing out a bunch of Django tunes. Will be rad.

Thanks to the Canberra Musicians Club for their help with this gig and for generally being awesome all the time.

Come. There will be drunk love and sweaty hugs.

Festivals Feat. Moochers Inc.
  • National Folk Festival
  • Woodford Folk Festival
  • National Multicultural Festival
  • Corinbank Festival
  • Dubbo Jazz Festival
  • Merimbula Jazz Festival
  • Wallaby Creek Festival
  • Major’s Creek Folk Festival
  • Canberrang Swing Festival
  • Dragon Dreaming Festival
  • Art, Not Apart
  • Canberra Fringe Festival
  • Possibly others long forgotten.