Jazzy, poppy songs written by Rafe, performed by wonderful people.

2010 – 2012

The Well Dressed was a band pulled together for special gigs.  Though short lived, the band played some pretty cool little shows.

The Well Dressed werewelldressed

  • Rebecca Taylor – Keys, vocals
  • Nicholas Peddle – Drums
  • Catherine Keely – Double Bass
  • Zach Raffan – Trumpet
  • Nicola Menser Hearn – Bass Clarinet

They are all fabulous.

LIVE ON AIR was recorded live in one take on Friday Night Live on ArtSound fm, Canberra.

Feel free to stream, download.  You can make a donation through Bandcamp if you’d like – it might make you feel good.

A Show To Make You Smile was commissioned by the Tuggeranong Arts Centre in 2010.  It was directed by the fantabulous Adam Hadley and was charmingly non-sensical and chaotic.  All three nights sold out and it all went surprisingly well considering nobody really knew what happened…

This is what they looked like.

This is when they were stick figures.